Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sams' Travel Log: South Carolina

{Tacky tourist pic. It's a good thing we weren't actually driving. I probably would have gotten us lost!}
{Typical Sam-hates-pictures face. Clearly unamused.}
{We basically rode bikes everywhere.}
{& I mean everywhere}
{The pool with Sam's sister & cousins was a daily ritual.}
{Also, many photos were taken by the little ones. Can you tell they picked this pose? Lol}
{Fishing was also a common occurrence, but I only went once because it was SO HOT.} 
{Like I said earlier, it there was A LOT of biking which was actually really relaxing.}
{We also shot skeet. It was kind of scary.}
{Please note the sock tan , haha, & the overall joy in this photo. **Sarcasm} 
{Sam's cousin & cousin-in-law. They were definitely the best at shooting skeet.} 
{Our friend's minor-league game, but he wasn't pitching this series. That's O.K. It was still fun!}
{The following were all taken at the Aquarium in Charleston.}
{The architecture is truly stunning.}
{Best cheesy grits & mac-n-cheese I ever did have.}
{The college of Charleston.}
{Tacky tourists}
{Every time I travel, I try to collect a postcard or two, so that I can fill them out with memories. I figure my children's children will want to see it.}
{My goofy hat & I going for a walk at by the aquarium. P.S. I made that hat right before we left for Charleston after seeing a similar hat so cutely styled by Atlantic-Pacific.}
{Candid Sam}
{The big Bridge}
{Another hat picture because I really like this hat.}
{Sam waiting for me to take pictures on one of our many bike rides.}
{A tiny me & the trees}
{Annual Green kid silly string fight}
All in all, South Carolina is an amazingly beautiful (deathly hot) place & I just had such a great time with Sam's family. For me, it was a vacation of firsts. It was my first time shooting a gun (I miraculously hit 3 targets through one closed eye & one almost closed eye. Haha). I caught my first fish. I saw a bald eagle for the first time (I tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out). I visited Charleston for the first time. I held a starfish & a sea urchin. Most importantly, after years of being able to go, I finally got to go on my first Green family vacation & I can only hope it will be the first of many!
Who knew the forest could be so much fun??

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