Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sams + Soccer

 7.3.15 marked Sam's & my first professional soccer game. If you don't know, Sam is way into sports & I mean WAY INTO THEM. If you ever needed to know anything about any sport, guarantee he or one of his friends already knows the answer. Trips to sporting events always include round after round of, a game him & his friends made up where you literally call out obscure players & guess their stats and another old favorite of "Where'd I go to college?". I usually just ref because I honestly HAVE NO IDEA how they can even get so close to the right answer, but they always do. But, only as of about a year ago, Sam decided to add soccer to his list of favorite sports, his favorite teams being the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT), obviously & the more obscure choice of Swansea Football Club, which I definitely had to look up to make sure I spelled it right. With this newly developed love for soccer, it was obvious that we HAD to go to the match in Nashville since it's probably the only chance we'll get to see any professional soccer team play live all year & maybe even the next few years to come. Needless to say, it was worth the trip! The U.S. won 4-0 against Guatemala. The weather wasn't 1,000,000,000 degrees out for once, & I even got Sam to take a few pictures along the way (which, let's face it, is a probably the greatest triumph of them all).  
A few things we learned for our next of hopefully many soccer games:
1. It's a good idea to invest in better tickets, especially if you have the opportunity 
to sit with the American Outlaws. Their section is definitely the most fun to be in. 
It's like standing in the student section for your favorite high school/college team!

2. Buy soccer jerseys! All of the real fans have one. LOL it was so obvious who just showed up to the match & who actually follows the teams. Clearly, I just showed up, but I'm determined to start following soccer now. It seems like such a great community of fans be involved in.

3. NO FLAGS ON STICKS. This rule is lame, but if you plan on attending a soccer game in an NFL arena in the U.S., they have an insane amount of rules. I guess the NFL is afraid I might try to take over the stadium with my flag on a stick?? OKAY.

4. The most important thing of all, for me anyways, is to bring/befriend someone who knows ALL about the game. I have never played soccer, and Sam & I have only just begun to watch it more, so the rules for fouls/yellow cards/red cards are still very confusing. Some things look they ought to be a foul but they never get called?? Meanwhile, other actions seem very minor, and the player will get a yellow card? We definitely need someone we can pester with questions! 

Finally, as for the Women's World Cup that is going on right now as I type this, 

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