Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY Framed Wallpaper


Lately at work, we have been sprucing up the store and rearranging thing (a lot of things!), and part of that was to move more than 100 wallpaper books. While we were moving them around, we discovered that some discontinued books had flown under the radar, so as usual I pulled them from our system and put them aside to be picked up or tossed out. However, there was one that really stood out to me: "Uni Royal" by Eijffinger. It is a European wallpaper line with fun but loud patterns that I just so happen to love, so naturally I called dibs and took it home for future craft use. I have done this several times before but have never actually found anything to do with the paper samples until now. And I thought I would share with you all the how-to of turning wallpaper into wall art. It's super easy, quick and fun!

Wallpaper (Free from discontinued book)
Pictures Frames(Goodwill)
Paint Pen

Step 1: Pick out wallpaper patterns and buy frames. 
Tip: check out your local wallpaper dealer for discontinued books. They more than likely will be giving them out for free, or if there aren't any discontinued papers, you can order samples of a variety of sizes ranging anywhere from $3-$10.
Tip: for cheap frames, check your local thrift store. Often times, they will have old custom, quality frames for under $10. I suggest avoiding anything plastic because it looks and feels cheap. If you like the style, but don't like the colors, don't be afraid to paint it!

Step 2: Take out the backing and lay your frames directly on top of your wallpaper. Doing this will help you visualize what it will look like after the paper is cropped and framed. Note: Placement is important for the overall composition. Pay attention to the direction and movement within the frame and don't just cut all willy-nilly. (Do you want the pattern to be centered, at an angle, askew?)

Step 3: Remove frame and place the glass where you want the wallpaper to be framed. Grab a pencil and trace the glass.

Step 4: Cut the area you just outlined. 

Step 5: Take your paint pen and get to writing. 
Tip: If you feel unsure about your handwriting, practice a few times on scrap paper. Then, go immediately and write it quickly on your final piece. Don't stress the fine details until your entire quote or word is written out. Then and only then, go back to make adjustments, thicken lines, and all that jazz.

Last but not least, frame & hang & maybe even snap a few pics!

Let me know how this project goes for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts & see your pictures!

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