Thursday, May 14, 2015

4 Simple Steps to Perfume Bottle Flowers

Aren't these micro flower arrangements just darling?!
They may just be my new favorite thing!

Earlier today while practicing flower arrangements for my wedding (always trying to cut costs), I sat outside stripping my stems of all the flowers that were too short and too small for my arrangement, and right when I was about to throw them out, I thought to myself, what a waste! 
I mean just because they may not work in a regular size arrangement, doesn't mean I can't find SOME way to use them, so I racked my brain and went up to my room to grab a hairband because sometimes you can think better with your hair in pony tail, right? That's when I saw my beautiful, empty perfume jars just begging for a makeover!
 A few minutes later and voila! No more waste flowers! 
So here's the breakdown...

Perfume Bottles 

1. Use your pliers to take off the nozzle of your empty bottles.
2. Measure out the height you need your flowers to be by holding the stems up to your perfume bottle, then cut to the appropriate size with scissors.
3. Add water
4. Arrange flowers until satisfied.

It's as easy as 1,2,3,4!

{Tip: Grocery store flowers are great for practicing because they're so cheap!}
 {My micro mini flower arrangement}
 {On display in my bedroom}
{Fun Fact: I painted that hanging fabric and that nightstand}
 I hope you all will give this a try!
 Also, if you have any tips for large scale flower arrangements, let me know. 
My arranging skills still need a LOT of work before January!

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