Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Where we are: 5/6/15

{Here's a little painting I made from a pinterest quote about love}

So, you may have read the intro I posted yesterday already, but I had briefly said that all that I had done so far for my wedding is book the venue and buy a dress. One thing I am looking to keep track of on this blog is what i have done so far, how much I am spending and what is left to be done. Since Sam and I are both still in college, our budget is basically nil, and I am currently paying for things as I am able (Did you know the average amount of money spent on weddings in America is $29,000?? Yikes!), so ideally we are looking to do everything as cheap as possible, and now is when I am really going to be cracking down on getting things done! School inhibited me greatly this semester from planning (because I mean school should come first right?) and I may or may not tend to procrastinate... That's another story for another time, so let's recap then instead. 

What's been done:
-Wedding Venue: East Main, Free
{This photo was taken shortly after AM service hence all of the people.}
-Wedding Dress: Local consignment store, $99.00
 (sorry! No pictures of the dress until the day. It's top secret! hehe)
Instead, enjoy these pictures of dresses I tried on, but didn't buy:

To Do:
-Engagement Photos
-Ask Bridesmaids
-Invitations/Save the Dates
-Book Honeymoon

It's honestly nerve racking thinking about how much I still need to accomplish. And each item left on the "to-do" list can really have it's own list of things to add to it. But here is what I am going to focus on first and foremost: asking my bridesmaids. I have narrowed it down to 7 for sure, and I have determined by next week I will have made little goodies to ask them with. 
Without revealing too much information, here is what I will include: 
-Will you be my bridesmaid cards
-Color Swatches
-Some kind of leafy plant item (I'll probably just pick something off of a bush) 
-A picture of us together
-Maybe candy (mainly because I really like candy)
Lastly, I'll get a neat little box to wrap it all up in. I may include other little trinkets spur-of-the-moment, but we shall see. I am definitely planning on making almost everything by hand to save money and because I really enjoy making things, so I will certainly be documenting anything I make that I think is cute enough to be made into a DIY. So, be on the lookout for the next week or so for a peak at my bridesmaids goody bags!

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