Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oh Hello There

Gosh. Here it goes again. Another blog. This is my everlasting struggle. Having a blog is like having an online diary which is wonderful except I've never been good at keeping a diary... As a child I once had one of those super cool voice-activated diaries with the built in light for all of those late night writings, and I swore to myself (and my parents) that I would use it ALL the time and that it was totally worth the purchase. Turns out, at the age of 8, I didn't really have any life changing secrets I needed to write in my top security diary. Mine consisted of about 3 entries probably documenting my undying love Aaron Carter, N'sync and the Backstreet Boys and then it was lost in the sea outgrown toys. Since then, pretty much every diary/journal I have ever tried to keep has ended up with the same fate. I have even tried blogging before, but to no avail.
So, here we go again. This time I'm committed (or at least I'm trying to be) to keeping this blog as a documentation of my fiancé's and my path to wedded bliss partially because I think it will be neat to look back on in a couple of years and partially because I am hoping this blog will motivate me to actually get stuff done... We'll see about that second one.

Ok. Well I guess to start maybe a little background would be useful??

1. First off, my name is Samantha and my Fiancé's name is Sam. Yes, we have the same name, hence why I named this blog "The Sams", and no, we don't get confused when talking to each other (a question everyone asks when meeting us). 

2. Sam and I have been engaged since December 2014, but we've been together since March 2011. In all of this time, I have basically done nothing to prepare for our impending marriage except buy a dress and book the venue (January 30, 2016). 

3. Even though we've been engaged for a little over 5 months, I still generally refer to Sam as my boyfriend because fiancé sounds snooty to me. Ex: "I was drinking Chardonnay with my fiancé on our yacht last weekend." See? Snooty. But I suppose this blog is good practice for using that word.

4. We are both still in school (and broke as a joke but it's fine), and we are planning to graduate this December just in time to be married. Hallelujah. My major is Math with a minor in art, and Sam's major is Business Administration. Back Story: For two years I told everyone we met that Sam's major was finance until one day at church we were doing introductions in class and he says his major is business administration, and I, being a complete goober, said, "When did you change from finance?" And guess what? It turns out he never was a finance major... Ever. Talk about embarrassing. 

5. We are young, 21 and 22 to be exact. Judge that for what it is, but we are entirely aware of the magnitude of this decision and feel prepared for the road ahead. Plus, we have already been together longer than all of Kim Kardashian's marriages combined, so that's got to mean something right?

6. We are followers of Christ. I don't know what else to say about that one. We just are. It's something we both feel very strongly about so feel free to talk to us about it (probably mainly me because Sam's not the blogging type). 

7. Lastly, Sam and I hail from middle Tennessee, and we are actually high school sweethearts. We used to be athletic back in the day, but alas we are no more. 

Us. Don't be mislead by this candid. Boy Sam is not a fan of photos or genuine smiles in said photos.

Well, now that I feel as though I have sufficiently introduced us, a few things to expect on this blog: stories about Sam and I, throwback pics, DIYs for my wedding and others that I'll be doing this summer, event planning, engagement photos (if I ever get that done), inspiration boards, adventures with Sam, and just wedding things in general. Oh, and shambles. I definitely anticipate shambles.
 I hope you all will join me on this journey. (By that I mean, KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!)

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